Iowa Caucus builds critical momentum for Sanders

The people no longer want establishment politics; they want a new American path toward economic and environmental justice led by Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders best choice to keep coal in the ground

The only candidate who has pledged to keep fossil fuels in the ground, end polluter welfare, and ensure a just transition for workers in the fossil fuel industry is Senator Bernie Sanders.

Friends of the Earth Action launches Sanders 2016 TV ads in Iowa & NH

Friends of the Earth Action released a television ad today promoting Sen. Bernie Sanders. Entitled, “A bold and fearless voice,” the ads will run in Iowa and New Hampshire ahead of each state’s democratic primary, and will highlight Sanders’ strong records on the environment and unjust trade deals.

Debate reaction: Sanders is most consistent supporter of core environmental & justice issues

Of all candidates on the stage in Las Vegas, Sen. Sanders was the only one to correctly identify climate change as the single, greatest threat facing the planet today.

Secretary Clinton’s statement on the Trans Pacific trade deal is a step forward but insufficient

Secretary Clinton has been slow to respond to Americans’ concerns about the profound threat posed by the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

FOE Action welcomes Clinton KXL opposition

This is an important about-face for Clinton, who was initially inclined to support the pipeline during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Friends of the Earth Action endorses Bernie Sanders for president

Sen. Sanders’ bold ideas and real solutions to addressing climate change, inequality and promoting a transformative economy that prioritizes public health and the environment over corporate profits, have earned him an enthusiastic endorsement from Friends of the Earth Action.

Jeb Bush rejects energy subsidies

It’s heartening to hear that Gov. Bush sees the absurdity of Big Oil subsidies, especially since campaign cash from polluters has blinded so many of our elected officials.

Oregon’s GMO labeling initiative narrowly defeated by record chemical and junk food company spending

Chemical companies are digging deep into their pockets to fight these labeling laws for one reason--to protect their pesticide and GMO seed profits.

Pipe dream blocked; Keystone XL bill fails in Senate

By taking her last stand on a pipeline that does not even enter Louisiana, Sen. Landrieu has sardonically chosen oil company profits over the people of her state. Sen. Landrieu’s dominance of energy issues within the Senate Democratic caucus would ensure six more years of legislative inaction on climate change -- six years the American people cannot afford.