Friends of the Earth Action endorses Tom Allen for Senate

Allen called a consistent supporter of clean air, clean water and clean energy; Collins has frequently sided with Bush and special interests

Friends of the Earth Action endorses Bob Lord for Congress in AZ-03

Friends of the Earth Action today announced its endorsement of Democrat Bob Lord for Congress in Arizona’s Third Congressional District. Bob Lord is challenging incumbent Republican Representative John Shadegg, who scored an absolute zero in 2008 on the League of Conservation Voters’ National Environmental Scorecard.

Friends of the Earth Action endorses Dennis Shulman for Congress in NJ-05

Friends of the Earth Action today announced its endorsement of Democrat Dennis Shulman for Congress in the Fifth District of New Jersey.

House drilling debate waste of energy, waste of time

Friends of the Earth Action President Brent Blackwelder had the following comment in regard to the House energy bill debated today: “The energy bill discussed in the House today falls far short of what this country needs, and its inclusion of offshore drilling actually moves us in the wrong direction. Debate on this bill has been a waste of energy and a waste of time.

Palin a concerning choice for environmentalists

The McCain-Palin ticket is a recipe for energy disaster. Barack Obama and Joe Biden offer a vastly superior agenda.

McCain agreed with Obama on tires yesterday, yet McCain campaign continues ignorant tire gauge attack today

McCain’s campaign is attacking Obama for supporting what McCain himself acknowledges is a good idea. McCain is clearly interested in scoring cheap political points instead of supporting real energy solutions.

McCain’s energy hypocrisy

Candidate claims to support ‘all of the above,’ but has consistently stood in the way of affordable clean energy

Obama disappoints on drilling

Senator Barack Obama signaled openness to offshore drilling this weekend and his campaign issued a statement “welcoming” an energy proposal from 10 senators that would allow such drilling and subsidize liquid coal and the nuclear power industry.

McCain admits he trusts Big Oil execs more than independent experts

At a campaign event today Sen. John McCain rejected the consensus view of independent experts that offshore drilling won’t impact gas prices. McCain said he believes oil company executives instead.

Embarassing turnout for Republicans at House GOP drilling event

The House Republicans were met by 150 opponents of drilling, who carried signs with slogans such as "Grand Oil Party" and "Exxon John McCain" calling the Republicans out for cozying up to Big Oil and pushing a disingenuous plan that would do nothing to actually lower prices at the pump.