Debate reaction: Sanders is most consistent supporter of core environmental & justice issues

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With a record reaching back three decades, Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders demonstrated his support of core environmental and justice issues throughout the first Democratic Debate last night.

Friends of the Earth Action President Erich Pica offered this statement:

Of all candidates on the stage in Las Vegas, Sen. Sanders was the only one to correctly identify climate change as the single, greatest threat facing the planet today. He was also the only candidate to attribute our nation’s inability to address climate change – as well as income inequality and systemic racism – to the obstacle of money’s corrupting influence on our government.

The American people are tired of distraction issues and politicians who give lip service to solutions, while ignoring major threats. We’re also tired of politicians who smile while discussing the ills of our society and who equivocate on matters of conscience, moral responsibility and would rather politic than to stake a claim on an issue and defend it.

If we are to leave a world for our children that is habitable and just, we can no longer afford the politics and posturing of the past. We need real solutions, passionate leaders and the will of the people – not moneyed corporate interests – to demand progressive action and not simply accept inertia.

From start to finish, last night, Sen. Sanders proved himself a bold and fearless voice for the planet and its people.

Friends of the Earth Action announced its endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders in July.

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