Trump is stripping protections for Bears Ears & Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments

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About Us

Founded by David Brower in 1969, Friends of the Earth Action has a more than 40-year record of not only fighting the tough battles, but winning them too.
About Us

Friends of the Earth Action provides extra political muscle on legislative battles here in the U.S. to our sister organization, Friends of the Earth, which is part of a network of affiliates in 76 nations around the world. Friends of the Earth Action and its affiliated PAC make thoughtful political endorsements, provide direct support to candidates and place environmentalists in the field on critical campaigns

Friends of the Earth Action works on a dynamic set of issues, including energy policy, corporate pollution, environmental legislation, consumer-product toxins, tax and budget policies and international trade and financing. We not only fight for laws and lawmakers that will do the right thing on these issues, but we help the public join in the political battle as well. Only unprecedented political action from across the nation will turn the United States, and hopefully our planet, back on a sustainable course.

To chart that course, Friends of the Earth Action looks beyond the symptoms of environmental degradation to the systemic causes. We believe that if you care about the deforestation of other nations, you must care about the trade agreements that encourage that deforestation. We believe that if you care about the destructive extractive industries ravaging Africa, you must also care about the way international institutions inside, outside and among governments promote or invest in such industries.

Global warming is happening now, and our response must be swift, significant and fair. Those who bear least responsibility for global warming pollution are suffering most from its effects today. That means we must do more than tinker around the edges of the status quo; we must organize political to promote laws and lawmakers that will both take and promote responsibility.

Friends of the Earth Action is here to help do just that.

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