Climate voters must reject Trump

100 Environmental Protections Rolled Back:

During his presidency, Donald Trump dismantled, weakened, or overturned about 100 environmental safeguards. According to analysis by The New York Times, nearly 100 environmental regulations were officially reversed, revoked, or otherwise scaled back under Trump’s administration. Additionally, over a dozen other potential rollbacks were still in progress by the end of his term but were not finalized. Air pollution protections bore the brunt of these actions, with 28 separate rules for cleaner air being rolled back. Furthermore, Trump targeted 12 regulations related to drilling and extraction, aiming to favor fossil fuel executives and impede the shift towards clean energy.

Ignoring Climate Change and the Facts:

During his presidency, Donald Trump consistently disregarded expert opinions on climate change and systematically removed evidence from reports, despite overwhelming scientific consensus on the reality of human-caused climate change. An example is 97% of experts agree that human-caused climate change is real. Trump infamously referred to climate change as a “hoax” and oversaw the departure of numerous scientific experts from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many of whom were either forced out or resigned due to the administration’s disregard for their work.

Scrubbing out Climate Change: 

The Trump administration not only downplayed the significance of climate change but also actively removed mentions of it from government websites and scientific reports. Additionally, Trump’s EPA rolled back numerous regulations aimed at protecting clean air and water, with potentially dire consequences for public health. These rollbacks disproportionately affected communities of color, which are already more likely to suffer from pollution-related health issues.

Suspending Enforcement of Numerous Environmental Protections:

Trump opposed efforts to address contamination from “forever chemicals” (PFAS) in drinking water, despite the known health risks associated with these substances, including cancer and birth defects. Trump’s handling of environmental issues during the COVID-19 pandemic was similarly problematic, as his administration suspended enforcement of numerous environmental protections, allowing companies to flout pollution laws with impunity.

Trump’s environmental policies prioritized industry interests over public health and environmental protection, leading to significant setbacks in efforts to combat climate change and safeguard the environment for future generations.

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