Friends of the Earth Action congratulates Sen. Sanders on inspiring campaign

More than 13 million Americans voted for this agenda. Sanders' campaign demonstrates to progressives and environmentalists the strength of speaking truth to power by offering bold solutions to the problems facing our country and planet.

Democratic Platform sees progress, needs more work

Thanks to the leadership of Senator Sanders and the power of the grassroots movement that he’s helped foster, the Democratic National Committee Platform has become more progressive.  This is a huge testament to Senator Sanders’ vision and leadership.

FOE Action members bombard delegates before platform vote

More than 10,000 Friends of the Earth Action members have emailed delegates making it clear that the Democratic Party platform needs to be strengthened to reflect the urgency of the climate crisis

Friends of the Earth Action endorses Donna Edwards for Senate

In looking at what Maryland and the country needs in the U.S. Senate, Friends of the Earth Action enthusiastically endorses Rep. Donna Edwards.

Primary in New York is wake-up call to Democratic establishment

Millions of Americans are ready for a political revolution. As we’ve seen in every protest from Occupy and Black Lives Matter to No KXL and Democracy Spring, the American people are demonstrating their political savvy and an awareness that we need change.

Friends of the Earth Action President arrested with hundreds of Democracy Awakening activists at U.S. Capitol

This morning, Friends of the Earth Action President Erich Pica of was arrested on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building in an unprecedented mass sit-in to reclaim American democracy from the deep-pocketed and anti-environmental special interests emboldened by the U.S. Supreme Courts’ Citizen’s United ruling.

NY Democratic debate reveals stark difference in candidates’ climate leadership

Whether opposing the Keystone XL pipeline, opposing climate killing trade deals or supporting a carbon tax, Sen. Sanders continues to demonstrate an urgency to act on climate change.

Sec. Clinton attacks Sen. Sanders for demanding stronger climate action

Secretary Clinton is attacking Senator Sanders for daring to acknowledge what scientists know --  we are going to need to do much more on climate change.

Michigan rejects job and planet killing trade deals

In choosing Senator Sanders, the voters of Michigan made it clear that they oppose harmful trade deals that offshore U.S. jobs and destroy our environment.

FOE Action to air Pro-Sanders ads in Colorado

Friends of the Earth Action announced plans to begin airing television ads promoting presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders in Colorado, ahead of the state’s Democratic caucus March 1.