Secretary Clinton’s statement on the Trans Pacific trade deal is a step forward but insufficient

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in an interview on PBS News Hour stated that as of today, given what she knows of the Trans Pacific Partnership deal, it does not meet her bar for creating jobs, raising wages for Americans and advancing national security.

Friends of the Earth Action President Erich Pica had this statement:

Secretary Clinton has been slow to respond to Americans’ concerns about the profound threat posed by the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. She has been particularly unresponsive to concerns about the TPP’s threat to effective government action for addressing climate change, unsafe chemicals, food safety and other environmental crises. Her vague and tentative address of what she’s ‘learned of it’ today, likely signals her TPP opposition; but candidate Clinton should follow the lead of Sen. Bernie Sanders and declare her vigorous and unqualified opposition to the TPP.

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