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Fighting for laws and lawmakers that protect the environment.

About us

Friends of the Earth Action provides extra political muscle on legislative battles here in the U.S. to our sister organization, Friends of the Earth, which is part of a network of affiliates in 76 nations around the world.  Friends of the Earth Action and its associated PAC make thoughtful political endorsements, provide direct support to candidates, and place environmentalists in the field on critical campaigns.

Our issues

Friends of the Earth Action believes that climate change is happening now and politicians who equate moderation with action need to come around or be replaced. We believe that our tax and budget policies should create a framework that prioritizes future sustainability. And through it all, we  and our associated PAC work for laws and lawmakers who value environmental protection and poverty alleviation — who will ensure that our policies considers the ecological consequences for all on the planet.


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Latest Posts

Friends of the Earth Action Endorses Candidates in Races Across the Country

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Friends of the Earth Action today announced its endorsement of 30 gubernatorial, statewide, U.S. House and Senate candidates around the nation, moving the organization’s support behind candidates ready to protect our planet and resist the corruption of Donald Trump’s administration. “These progressive candidates will fight for people and the planet and are […]

Friends of the Earth Action Endorses Anita Earls for North Carolina Supreme Court

DURHAM, N.C. – Friends of the Earth Action today endorsed Anita Earls to be the next associate justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. “In North Carolina, Anita Earls’ work at the intersection of the law and environmental justice has protected local communities from polluting corporations that sought to take advantage of minority and low-income […]

Youth leaders and activists converge on Chicago to condemn DNC fossil fuel flip-flop

CHICAGO — In response to the DNC’s recent decision to reverse a ban on contributions from fossil fuel corporate PACs, youth leaders and activists are gathering today in Chicago to deliver over 100,000 petition signatures and a letter signed by over 20 groups condemning the move. In June of this year, the DNC unanimously voted to […]

Pushing Ben Jealous Forward

Pushing Ben Jealous Forward

As the federal government reverses American environmental progress, Friends of the Earth Action is focusing its attention on progressive candidates who can bring about real climate action. Ben Jealous is one of those candidates. In September 2017, Friends of the Earth Action endorsed former NAACP president Ben Jealous for governor of Maryland. His background lobbying for social […]