Pipe dream blocked; Keystone XL bill fails in Senate

By taking her last stand on a pipeline that does not even enter Louisiana, Sen. Landrieu has sardonically chosen oil company profits over the people of her state. Sen. Landrieu’s dominance of energy issues within the Senate Democratic caucus would ensure six more years of legislative inaction on climate change -- six years the American people cannot afford.

Friends of the Earth Action endorses candidates in 2014 elections

riends of the Earth Action announces its endorsement of several gubernatorial, Senate and House candidates around the nation, throwing support behind candidates whose positions represent the best leadership on the issues most important to FOE Action and its members.

New political ad reminds voters that Mitt Romney made climate change a punchline

The campaign, led by Forecast the Facts and Friends of the Earth Action, is releasing a new political advertisement today, “Romney vs. Sandy.”

President Obama breaks his climate silence in MTV interview

Thank you Mr. President for breaking the climate silence that has enveloped the 2012 presidential campaign.  Climate change is having a dramatic impact on the United States and the world.

In third and final debate, climate silence continues

President Obama and Governor Romney have once again failed the American people by not using the debate to talk about the most serious threat to our economy, our security and way of life: climate change.

Climate activists call out climate silence via online protest

Thousands of climate activists will participate in an online protest against climate silence today, the date of the final presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

In second debate, climate silence continues

President Obama and Governor Romney have again failed the American public by not taking the opportunity provided by this debate to talk about climate change.

Groups urge presidential candidates to address climate change

Public Citizen, Friends of the Earth, and Forecast the Facts are calling on President Obama and Governor Romney to renounce the climate silence and talk directly and honestly to the American public tonight about what they will do to stop catastrophic climate change.

In first debate, climate silence continues

President Obama and Gov. Romney's failure to talk to the American public about climate change during the debate is striking.

Voters to Obama and Romney: End the climate silence

As the first debates approach, President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney have remained virtually silent on the most urgent global threat to the American dream: fossil-fueled climate change.