ConocoPhillips Q2 numbers continue record oil company profits since passage of Republican energy bill in 2005

Big Oil has bought off the politicians in Washington. Ever since the passage of the Republican energy bill in 2005—with billions in corporate welfare for Big Oil—oil industry profits have increased. It’s no wonder they say G.O.P. stands for Grand Oil Party.

Dishonest McCain ad blames Obama for gas prices

Flip-flopping John McCain said just two weeks ago that our dangerous dependence on oil ‘has been 30 years in the making,’ but now he tries to blame Obama—even though it’s McCain who has been in Washington for 26 years.

Bush pushes McCain drilling flip-flop from White House; announcement a purely symbolic gesture

President Bush and John McCain should be trying to end America’s addiction to oil, but instead they’re pushing this gimmick that won’t do anything to lower the cost of gas.

RNC energy ads credit McCain for Obama’s position

Ads falsely claim McCain supports alternative energy when he has consistently opposed it and Obama has supported it