McCain agreed with Obama on tires yesterday, yet McCain campaign continues ignorant tire gauge attack today

Properly inflated tires improve fuel efficiency and are one piece of puzzle that can help Americans use less gas

WASHINGTON, D.C. — John McCain agreed yesterday with Barack Obama’s suggestion that Americans should check their tire pressure as one way to use less gas, but McCain’s campaign continues to attack the idea today, offering “Obama Tire Gauges” on its website.

According to Reuters, McCain said this during a telephone town hall meeting yesterday with voters in Pennsylvania: “Obama said a couple of days ago says we should all inflate our tires. I don’t disagree with that. The American Automobile Association strongly recommends it.”

Yet the campaign website continues to mock the idea, trying to raise money by offering “Obama Tire Gauges” to potential contributors.

“McCain’s double-speak is very revealing,” Friends of the Earth Action’s David Hirsch said. “McCain’s campaign is attacking Obama for supporting what McCain himself acknowledges is a good idea. McCain is clearly interested in scoring cheap political points instead of supporting real energy solutions. This is the tired old politics of the past, and for decades, it has prevented us from reducing our consumption of fossil fuels. No wonder voters are demanding change.”

More on McCain’s comments yesterday can be found here.


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