McCain’s energy hypocrisy

Candidate claims to support ‘all of the above,’ but has consistently stood in the way of affordable clean energy

MICHIGAN—Senator John McCain toured a nuclear power plant today in Michigan, and called for subsidies for nuclear power as part of a purported “all of the above” approach to energy. David Hirsch of Friends of the Earth Action said McCain’s record calls his rhetoric into question:

“Talk is cheap. John McCain may say he supports ‘all of the above,’ but he has consistently stood in the way of investments in clean affordable energy—most recently by opposing an energy bill promoting wind and solar that failed by one vote last December. McCain’s stuck on the tired old energy sources of the past: fossil fuels and nuclear power. His 26 years in Washington are showing. Nuclear power in particular is dangerous, it’s too expensive, and there’s nowhere to put the waste.

“Thankfully, Barack Obama is offering fresh ideas to help us turn the page. Obama is a better choice for voters who want affordable energy and a healthy environment.”


Nick Berning, 202-222-0748