Friends of the Earth Action endorses Dennis Shulman for Congress in NJ-05

Incumbent Scott Garrett singled out as threat to the planet

NEW JERSEY — Friends of the Earth Action today announced its endorsement of Democrat Dennis Shulman for Congress in the Fifth District of New Jersey. Shulman is challenging incumbent Republican Representative Scott Garrett, who had the worst environmental voting record of the entire New Jersey Delegation this year and last year, and indeed has the worst lifetime record of any member of the delegation.

“Rep. Garrett has almost always voted against the health of New Jersey families, against the conservation of energy, against the protection of important parks and natural areas,” said Dr. Brent Blackwelder, President of Friends of the Earth Action. “He repeatedly sides with special interests against the public interest. It’s time for him to go.”

Garrett scored only eight percent on the 2008 League of Conservation Voters National Environmental Scorecard. “That means Garrett is voting more than 90 percent of the time against a healthy environment,” Blackwelder said.

“On the other hand, Dennis Shulman has a lot to offer,” Blackwelder says. “He understands that a smart energy policy will grow the economy and create jobs while protecting the environment. He knows how important it is to invest in alternatives to fossil fuels. When it comes to energy and the environment, Dennis Shulman will bring the change we need.”

Blackwelder is in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District today, touring the infamous Superfund site where Ford dumped toxic waste over 40 years ago.

“Let me give you a specific example of Representative Garrett’s malfeasance,” Blackwelder said, “He takes money from Big Oil and then votes for billions in giveaways to ExxonMobil—at a time when oil companies are making record profits. It’s a travesty. The people of New Jersey’s Fifth District deserve better.”

Dr. Brent Blackwelder, 202-422-7753 (mobile), 202-222-0727 (office)
Nick Berning, 202-222-0748

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