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Friends of the Earth Action Endorses Scott Wallace for U.S. House

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Friends of the Earth Action today endorsed Scott Wallace (D-Pa.) to be the Democratic nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional district. “We need Scott Wallace in the House of Representatives if we are going to resist Donald Trump’s attacks on public health and the environment,” said Erich Pica, […]

Congress Passes Tax Robbery

Congress Passes Tax Robbery

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the House finalized a tax package that will slash the taxes of corporations and line the pockets of the wealthiest Americans while doing almost nothing for Americans most in need. The bill passed the Senate earlier and Trump is expected to sign it into law. Ben Schreiber, Senior Political Strategist at […]

Senate Passes Corporate and Billionaire Giveaway

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Senate has voted to pass a tax bill that, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, will disproportionately benefit corporations and the wealthy and will add $1 trillion to the U.S. deficit over the next ten years. Ben Schreiber, Friends of the Earth Action’s Senior Political Strategist, issued the following statement […]

Friends of the Earth Action Endorses Ben Jealous for Maryland Governor

SILVER SPRING, MD. – Friends of the Earth Action today endorsed Ben Jealous for governor of Maryland. The endorsement was announced as part of a Facebook live conversation at the Maryland home of Friends of the Earth Action President Erich Pica. “Ben Jealous is the Governor Maryland needs to protect our environment,” said Erich Pica, […]