Beto Birddogged on Video, Fails on Green New Deal

When confronted by organizers with Friends of the Earth Action, newly announced presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke refused to support a Green New Deal that phased-out fossil fuels, including fracked natural gas, which he strongly supported in 2018.

Activists shut down Wheeler

Environmental activists and members of Friends of the Earth Action were arrested during today’s confirmation hearing for Andrew Wheeler in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Wheeler is the acting administrator of the EPA and is nominated to lead the agency as its full-time administrator.

Across the Country Environmental Champions Win

Democrats tonight won a string of victories across the country that will reshape the nation’s political landscape and prioritize environmental protections at all levels of government.

Anita Earls Wins North Carolina Supreme Court Race

As an attorney in North Carolina, Earls has been a champion for justice, taking on multiple cases central to protecting communities and the environment in North Carolina. Friends of the Earth Action endorsed Earls in September.

Friends of the Earth Action Endorses Candidates in Races Across the Country

Friends of the Earth Action today announced its endorsement of 30 gubernatorial, statewide, U.S. House and Senate candidates around the nation, moving the organization’s support behind candidates ready to protect our planet and resist the corruption of Donald Trump’s administration.

Friends of the Earth Action Endorses Anita Earls for North Carolina Supreme Court

In North Carolina, Anita Earls’ work at the intersection of the law and environmental justice has protected local communities from polluting corporations that sought to take advantage of minority and low-income communities

Youth leaders and activists converge on Chicago to condemn DNC fossil fuel flip-flop

If the Democrats want to restore the trust of young voters and unite workers and environmentalists, they’ll restore the ban and back a Green New Deal that’ll guarantee every American a job fighting climate change and building a fossil-free economy

Friends of the Earth Action Congratulates Ben Jealous on Primary Victory

Tonight the Democratic voters of Maryland made it clear that Maryland is ready for a progressive leader like Ben Jealous and Friends of the Earth Action is committed to making sure that he wins in November.

Friends of the Earth Action airs TV ads in support of Ben Jealous

A new television ad in support of Ben Jealous for Maryland governor is airing this week, sponsored by Friends of the Earth Action.

Friends of the Earth Action Endorses Scott Wallace for U.S. House

By putting Americans first and rejecting fossil fuel money, Wallace has made it clear that he will work for the people of Pennsylvania.