No Fossil Fuel Money Coalition Members Call Out Biden’s Questionable Fundraising Practices

With donations from Big Oil and Big Ag, it’s no surprise that Biden has been reluctant to embrace the bold solutions we need. We need candidates who will fight against corporate polluters and eliminate their outsized power in our political system.

Friends of the Earth Action urges Congress to vote to impeach Trump and remove him from office

We urge the House to vote to impeach Trump and we call on the Senate to try Trump for these crimes and convict him. Every member of Congress has a choice to make between protecting Trump and defending our democracy.

Friends of the Earth Action Endorses Progressive Incumbents in 2020 Democratic Primaries

Friends of the Earth Action announced today its first round of endorsements for seven candidates seeking reelection around the country, reaffirming the organization’s support for incumbents who consistently fight to protect our environment and stand up against the corruption of the Trump Administration.

Rep. DeFazio’s campaign declares he does not support Jordan Cove LNG terminal

In a letter to campaign supporters sent on Saturday, U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio’s (D-Ore.) campaign declared that he does not support the Jordan Cove LNG terminal.

Friends of the Earth Action, migrant justice, and faith groups protest BlackRock’s investments in fossil fuels and private prisons

Activist groups held demonstrations against investment firm BlackRock in Washington D.C. and San Francisco today, as part of a growing movement against financial institutions that profit from fossil fuels and migrant detention.

Friends of the Earth Action calls on Pete Buttigieg to disavow fossil fuel-funded climate advisor David G. Victor

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is reportedly being advised on climate issues by David G. Victor, who has accepted at least $7.5 million from British Petroleum over the years and advocated for “clean coal” and corporate polluters.

Digital billboard calling out Biden to circle debate location in Atlanta

As Joe Biden takes the stage in Atlanta for another Democratic debate, Friends of the Earth Action will call Biden out for his cozy relationship with big polluters.

If Democrats want to win in 2020, Speaker Pelosi and others must embrace Green New Deal, Medicare for All

It is time for Nancy Pelosi and other centrist Democrats like Joe Biden to embrace the grassroots momentum behind forward-thinking policies like a Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

Warren’s climate justice plan is a strong step forward

Warren’s plan is strong because it is rooted in the understanding that institutionalized discrimination and racism has concentrated pollution on frontline, Indigenous and communities of color.

Democrats must pursue Trump impeachment inquiry

Trump has driven the country toward crisis with his petulant refusal to allow oversight and his use of foreign governments to attack his political opponents.