Digital billboard calling out Biden to circle debate location in Atlanta

As Joe Biden takes the stage in Atlanta for another Democratic debate, Friends of the Earth Action will call Biden out for his cozy relationship with big polluters.

If Democrats want to win in 2020, Speaker Pelosi and others must embrace Green New Deal, Medicare for All

It is time for Nancy Pelosi and other centrist Democrats like Joe Biden to embrace the grassroots momentum behind forward-thinking policies like a Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

Warren’s climate justice plan is a strong step forward

Warren’s plan is strong because it is rooted in the understanding that institutionalized discrimination and racism has concentrated pollution on frontline, Indigenous and communities of color.

Democrats must pursue Trump impeachment inquiry

Trump has driven the country toward crisis with his petulant refusal to allow oversight and his use of foreign governments to attack his political opponents.

NYC youth and global frontline leaders disrupt Oil & Gas Climate Initiative greenwash soirée

Two days after hundreds of thousands marched through New York demanding action to confront the climate crisis, youth activists disrupted a greenwashing event attended by several oil major CEOs.

Buttigieg’s climate plan fails to deliver

Carbon friendly farming practices and forest conservation are critical, but the Mayor should not promote these in the context of offsets, which sets up a misleading choice between reducing fossil fuel emissions or saving forests.

Booker climate plan relies too much on failed and dangerous nuclear power

To solve the climate crisis, we must make massive investments in cheaper, cleaner, renewable energy, not prop up a failing industry that never delivered on its promises.

Castro’s commitment to environmental justice is laudable, but his climate plan falls short

We are encouraged by his plan to create a new category for refugees displaced by climate change and his support for new civil rights legislation to address environmental discrimination and racism.

Friends of the Earth Action applauds Harris’ climate plan

Friends of the Earth Action commends Senator Harris for centering frontline, Indigenous and communities of color in her climate plan. Her plan builds on her legacy of holding polluters financially and criminally accountable as California's Attorney General and Senator.

Klobuchar climate plan falls short

The magnitude of the climate crisis demands a candidate willing to challenge the power of Big Oil and end our reliance on fossil fuels. It is clear that Senator Klobuchar is not that candidate.