Warren caves on climate to support Trump’s bad trade deal

WASHINGTON – Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently announced her support for the climate-damaging, community-polluting U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Warren’s announcement comes despite her presidential campaign’s commitment to raise global standards and enforce environmental accountability in international trade agreements.

The USMCA, a.k.a. Trump’s NAFTA, will make it easier for polluting corporations to sidestep essential environmental protections that safeguard our communities and our planet.

In response, Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth Action, issued the following statement: 

Sen. Warren’s support for USMCA is highly disappointing. USMCA fails to address both the climate crisis and the Senator’s own climate test for trade proposals. Trump’s new NAFTA will foster increased tar sands production and trade in oil and fracked gas across the three countries and give corporate polluters a leg-up in challenging environmental regulations. It also allows Big Oil to challenge climate and environmental protections in secret tribunals that the Senator has previously condemned. We encourage the Senator and her colleagues to do the right thing and vote against Trump’s climate-damaging, community-polluting USMCA trade deal.

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