Congress Passes Tax Robbery

Today Congress sent Donald Trump a trillion dollar giveaway to corporations and billionaires that will increase inequality while cutting protections for clean air and safe water. Trump will soon take to the Rose Garden to celebrate his graft.

Senate Passes Corporate and Billionaire Giveaway

The Senate has voted to pass a tax bill that, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, will disproportionately benefit corporations and the wealthy and will add $1 trillion to the U.S. deficit over the next ten years.

Friends of the Earth Action Endorses Ben Jealous for Maryland Governor

riends of the Earth Action today endorsed Ben Jealous for governor of Maryland. The endorsement was announced as part of a Facebook live conversation at the Maryland home of Friends of the Earth Action President Erich Pica.

157,000 call on Schumer’s Majority Forward to stop funding attacks on public health and environment

Recently, Majority Forward, a dark money group closely associated with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and affiliated super PAC Senate Majority PAC, purchased $4.5 million in advertising praising Sen. Joe Manchin (D –W.V.) for his attacks on clean water, according to reports from E&E News.

Ossoff’s strong showing a victory for Trump resistance

Jon Ossoff’s near victory in this conservative district shows that voters everywhere are rejecting Donald Trump’s radical agenda and the members of Congress who refuse to hold him accountable.

PAC’s West Virginia Manchin TV ad undercuts environment, resistance to Trump

With this ad, a PAC affiliated with Minority Leader Schumer has undermined our fight to protect clean air and clean water.

Friends of the Earth Action Endorses Tom Perriello for Virginia Governor

Perriello’s commitment to progressive environmental, economic policies and social justice make him the best candidate to lead the Commonwealth of Virginia forward.

Chaffetz avoiding responsibility for nonexistent Trump Oversight

Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s decision not to seek reelection is a big victory for the Trump resistance over one of administration’s chief enablers.

Triumph in Georgia: Jon Ossoff landslide reinforces resistance to Trump

Friends of the Earth Action is proud of Jon Ossoff’s impressive record of fighting for the environment and standing against corporations. In the House of Representatives, he will be a champion for clean energy development in Georgia and for protecting our air, land and water nationwide.

230,000+ progressives urge DSCC not to fund any Senate Dems who help confirm Gorsuch

Any Democrat who rolls over and lets Mitch McConnell steal a Supreme Court seat for Donald Trump is dangerously out of touch with the popular resistance.