Chaffetz avoiding responsibility for nonexistent Trump Oversight

Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s decision not to seek reelection is a big victory for the Trump resistance over one of administration’s chief enablers.

Triumph in Georgia: Jon Ossoff landslide reinforces resistance to Trump

Friends of the Earth Action is proud of Jon Ossoff’s impressive record of fighting for the environment and standing against corporations. In the House of Representatives, he will be a champion for clean energy development in Georgia and for protecting our air, land and water nationwide.

230,000+ progressives urge DSCC not to fund any Senate Dems who help confirm Gorsuch

Any Democrat who rolls over and lets Mitch McConnell steal a Supreme Court seat for Donald Trump is dangerously out of touch with the popular resistance.

Friends of the Earth Action and LCV Action Fund Endorse Jon Ossoff for Congress

The work Jon Ossoff has done to expose corporate corruption and speak truth to power on Capitol Hill shows he is the strong progressive champion Georgia needs.

Democratic Party bets on failed past

Friends of the Earth Action will continue to advance a strong progressive agenda and hold both parties accountable to it. In the meantime, those of us committed to resisting Trump and his extreme agenda will continue to look outside the Democratic Party for leadership.

FOE Action supports Sen. Sanders’ environmental leadership

With the climate crisis looming, the American people need our biggest champion pushing for action on the biggest stage -- that’s Bernie Sanders.

FOE Action endorses Keith Ellison for Democratic National Committee Chair

Friends of the Earth Action is proud to endorse Rep. Keith Ellison for DNC Chair. From the fight to stop the Keystone XL pipeline to the efforts to end government subsidies for fossil fuels, Rep. Ellison has been on the frontlines fighting to protecting public health and the planet.

FOE Action endorses Roy Cooper for North Carolina governor

North Carolinians need a governor who understands the importance of a healthy environment to the well-being and prosperity of the state. Even more urgently, they need a leader who will safeguard their health by immediately restoring the integrity of the Dan River and by combating climate change.

FOE Action endorses Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate

Friends of the Earth Action is pleased to endorse Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate. We need a leader in the Senate that recognizes the dire threat climate change poses and is willing to work with Pennsylvanians to create real solutions for our most pressing environmental problems.

FOE Action endorses Jamie Raskin for U.S. House of Representatives

In his three terms as a Democratic State Senator for Maryland, Jamie Raskin has been an ardent advocate for the protection of our environment and democracy, both cornerstones to Friends of the Earth’s mission.