DNC bows under pressure from fossil fuel interests and flunkies, fails to call for climate debate

Americans are demanding to know where the Democratic candidates stand on climate change. Unfortunately, Tom Perez and the DNC capitulated to fossil fuel interests and are afraid to have a full-throated conversation about what addressing the climate crisis truly means

Bernie Sanders releases ambitious plan that matches scale and scope of climate crisis

We are already in a climate emergency, and only a plan of this scope and scale will be enough to stop the worst of the crisis. Sanders’ plan is the standard that all other candidates will be judged by.

Friends of the Earth Action applauds Inslee’s call to reduce pesticides and protect pollinators, urges him to join fight against corporate ag monopolies

We are pleased to see Governor Inslee recognize the connection between climate change and agriculture, and lay out specific policies to transform our food system.

Friends of the Earth Action applauds Buttigieg’s call for antitrust reform, urges him to join the fight against corporate ag monopolies

Mayor Buttigieg is correct that we need to expand worker protections and encourage farmers to transition to agricultural practices that will help protect the environment. 

Friends of the Earth Action applauds Warren’s bold agriculture plan

Friends of the Earth Action applauds Sen. Warren for recognizing that we must fundamentally transform our food and agriculture system to stabilize our climate and ensure food security.

Friends of the Earth Action applauds Gillibrand’s bold climate change plan

Friends of the Earth Action applauds Sen. Gillibrand for embracing a bold Green New Deal that ends our exploitation of fossil fuels — averting climate catastrophe and ensuring our economy works for everyone.

Friends of the Earth boards call on Speaker Pelosi to begin impeachment inquiry

Friends of the Earth U.S. and Friends of the Earth Action today publicly released a resolution from the two boards of directors calling on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to begin an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. 

Activists urge Congressman Jeffries to support a fossil-fuel-free Green New Deal, sign the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge

As a frontline community, our city must set a precedent and we demand that all our elected officials sign the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge to keep dirty fossil fuel money out of politics. The future of our climate is in too much peril to take a pass on these important policies.

Inslee’s fossil fuels plan sets benchmark for 2020 candidates

Friends of the Earth Action applauds Governor Inslee for outlining concrete steps to transition our economy in just manner while creating good jobs and healthier communities. We call on other candidates to show us exactly how they would build a more equitable world as they phase out fossil fuels.

Biden’s climate plan a half measure to stop climate change

In many ways, Biden’s plan reads like an Obama Administration ‘greatest missed opportunities list.’ To avert climate catastrophe, we must end the extraction and burning of all fossil fuels, period.