FOE Action supports Sen. Sanders’ environmental leadership

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the League of Conservation Voters released their 2016 Scorecard. The annual LCV Scorecard is one of the most important tools for rating members of Congress’ record on the environment. Despite a time-tested methodology there are rare instances when the scorecard doesn’t accurately reflect a member’s true leadership. This happened this year when Senator Bernie Sanders received a six percent score because of votes that he missed while running for president.

Friends of the Earth Action President Erich Pica released the following statement on Senator Sanders’ environmental record:

With the climate crisis looming, the American people need our biggest champion pushing for action on the biggest stage — that’s Bernie Sanders. That’s why Friends of the Earth Action endorsed him for president in 2016.

Though Senator Sanders didn’t win the nomination, he empowered millions of Americans and built a movement. For years Senator Sanders championed the environment on the Senate floor and with activists in the trenches by tackling the toughest fights like the Dakota Access Pipeline and GMO labeling. He is the bold leader we need demanding that climate justice becomes a reality. Vermonters, and the nation, are lucky to have a friend of the earth like Bernie Sanders.

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