DNC Comments — Food and Farm Policy

But for too long, United States food and agriculture policy has encouraged the growth of a highly concentrated industrial food system that often works against the interests of family farmers, local communities, workers, the environment, public health, and animal welfare.

Regenerative Food System Campaign: Position Paper

The next president of the United States should support a massive expansion of diversified, organic and ecologically regenerative farming systems. These are based on practices that draw carbon out of the atmosphere and produce abundant, nutritious food using less energy and water.

Economic Justice & Corporate Power Campaign: Position Paper

The next president of the United States should promote economic policies that promote prosperity for all, social equity and environmental sustainability. This requires a reallocation of resources through progressive tax, economic and budget policies to prioritize the dignity and well-being of all of us — not just corporations and the wealthy — and the protection of the planet on which we depend.

Fair Elections Campaign: Position Paper

A strong democracy is one where voting is a fundamental right, civic responsibility and free from discriminatory rules. We support legislation to restore the Voting Rights Act and other policies that incentivize electoral participation.

Climate Change Policy Campaign: Position Paper

Federal climate policy will require not only aggressive mandates but massive public investment — a missing piece from previous climate proposals steeped in market fundamentalism. The next president of the United States should support ambitious and equitable federal climate policies.

Government Ethics & Accountability Campaign: Position Paper

The Trump administration is failing to respect the rule of law and undermining the checks and balances among our co-equal branches of government. At the same time, we are witnessing an unparalleled crisis in government corruption and ethics, in which several Cabinet officials, high-ranking public executives and presidential nominees have been investigated for conflicts of interest or resigned/withdrawn in disgrace.