Election Proves that Progressive Policies Are Winning Ones

WASHINGTON – The results of the 2022 U.S. midterm election suggest that the margins in both Congressional chambers will be extremely slim, and possibly remain in Democratic control. Even if Republicans gain majorities in the House and/or Senate, Democrats still greatly overperformed on election night and Republicans failed to manifest the historic power flips that tend to occur in the midterms. 

Ariel Moger, Government and Political Affairs Manager at Friends of the Earth Action, issued the following statement: 

Last night Americans proved political pundits, pollsters, and historians wrong. Voters rewarded Congressional Democrats and President Biden for championing some of the most ambitious policies in over 50 years, including historic investments in clean energy and public health. We congratulate Democrats for holding Republicans to one of the worst midterm performances in years. 

Election results all over the country show that progressive candidates and issues are winning ones, including for FOE Action-endorsed Summer Lee, Maxwell Frost, and the Squad. These victories, coupled with Democrats potentially keeping control of one or both Congressional chambers, send a clear signal that having a bold vision for people and the planet is a winning platform.  

The American people voted for urgent action on climate, democracy, reproductive and human rights. President Biden should seize the moment and do everything in his power to deliver on this mandate, proving that Democrats fight for people instead of corporate profits, and paving the way for an even better performance in 2024. 

Communications contact: Brittany Miller, bmiller@foe.org, 202-222-0746