Primary in New York is wake-up call to Democratic establishment

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Earlier tonight, Sec. Clinton defeated Sen. Bernie Sanders in the New York state primary for the Democratic party. Friends of the Earth Action President Erich Pica offers the following statement:

Bernie Sanders has galvanized people of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities and age. He leads the charge against the entrenched politics of the elite, and rails against policies that stack the deck against the middle class, against environmental protection and against the basic tenets of our democracy.

Millions of Americans are ready for a political revolution. As we’ve seen in every protest from Occupy and Black Lives Matter to No KXL and Democracy Spring, the American people are demonstrating their political savvy and an awareness that we need change. The status quo, or candidates advocating for incremental gains, while the ultra-rich continue to chip away ever larger pieces of the American Dream is not viable for the long-term health of our country.

Friends of the Earth Action looks forward to advocating for Sen. Bernie Sanders in the upcoming primaries.


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