Jeb Bush rejects energy subsidies

WASHINGTON, D.C. — GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush called for an end to both fossil fuel and renewable energy subsidies at a campaign event yesterday in Manchester, N.H. Claiming that the free market should be the arbiter of our energy choices, he called for ending all energy incentives as part of a plan to lower overall tax rates.

Friends of the Earth Action representative Ben Schreiber issued the following statement in response:

It’s heartening to hear that Gov. Bush sees the absurdity of Big Oil subsidies, especially since campaign cash from polluters has blinded so many of our elected officials. Unfortunately, his proposal to eliminate all energy subsidies is merely a way to delay the transition to renewable energy. A century of fossil fuel subsidies has resulted in dirty energy infrastructure dominating our economy. We cannot suddenly decide that renewables can compete fairly after decades of taxpayer support privileging polluters.

The biggest subsidy for fossil fuels is that polluters are not forced to pay the cost of their pollution. Spewing carbon into the atmosphere inflicts untold damage on present and future generations. Pretending that these costs do not exist is the biggest fossil fuel subsidy of them all. If Gov. Bush wants to create a true level playing field he will support a price on carbon.


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