Friends of the Earth Action echoes demands to count all votes, prevent Trump from stealing the election

WASHINGTON – Despite Trump’s premature claim of victory and deliberately misleading statements, the results from yesterday’s election are still being tabulated and things are looking good for Biden overall. 

Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth Action, issued the following statement in response: 

Yesterday marked the end of record voting in the 2020 Presidential election, not the end of counting those votes. It is normal for tabulating to take several days and even weeks. We need to protect our democracy by ensuring that every single vote is counted.  

With millions of votes still to be counted, Trump is so desperate to hold onto power that he’s already claimed victory to undermine confidence in the final vote. Election officials must be vigilant about counting every ballot, and not allow Trump to undercut the results. If Trump moves to steal this election from the American people, we will mobilize in the streets and in the halls of Congress to protect our democracy and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. 

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