Friends of the Earth Action applauds Inslee’s call to reduce pesticides and protect pollinators, urges him to join fight against corporate ag monopolies

WASHINGTON – Presidential candidate Governor Jay Inslee released a plan today to help protect the food and agriculture sector.

In response, Tiffany Finck-Haynes, pesticides and pollinators program manager at Friends of the Earth Action, issued the following statement:

We are pleased to see Governor Inslee recognize the connection between climate change and agriculture, and lay out specific policies to transform our food system. Governor Inslee’s plan to reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers, protect pollinators, and sequester carbon in soil will help stop the climate crisis and protect people and the planet. Governor Inslee is correct that we need to support new, beginning and historically disadvantaged farmers and protect the health and expand the rights of farmworkers.

While his plan recognizes the need for stronger antitrust enforcement, it doesn’t do enough to stop concentrated corporate monopolies in the food and agriculture sector. We urge Governor Inslee to support a moratorium on mega mergers in the agriculture sector and break up existing Big Ag monopolies. 

Recently, Friends of the Earth Action released an opinion piece that compares where some of the top 2020 candidates land on key food and agriculture issues.

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