Bush pushes McCain drilling flip-flop from White House; announcement a purely symbolic gesture

Washington, D.C. — President Bush tried to lend support to John McCain’s offshore drilling flip-flop by announcing today that he would lift an “executive” ban on offshore drilling, even though a congressional ban remains in place so more drilling will not actually be allowed.

“President Bush and John McCain should be trying to end America’s addiction to oil, but instead they’re pushing this gimmick that won’t do anything to lower the cost of gas. It’s time to stop playing politics and start finding solutions. If John McCain and George W. Bush were serious about addressing this crisis, they would work to create alternatives to driving and make cars and trucks more efficient—not push a land grab for the oil companies.”

The U.S. Energy Information Agency says opening these waters for drilling won’t impact prices at all for two decades, and even then the effects will be negligible: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joseph-romm/mccains-cruel-offshore-dr_b_111945.html


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