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Time for Dems to drive aggressive solutions to climate crisis

Time for Dems to drive aggressive solutions to climate crisis

Invited to speak to the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee, in Phoenix, Arizona today, Erich Pica, President of Friends of the Earth, challenged the party to unapologetically embrace the bold and aggressive environmental, social and economic justice solutions necessary to combat the dire climate change effects experienced by all, and disproportionally felt by the most vulnerable of society.

Erich closed with this reminder:

The realm of what is possible and necessary is changing at an accelerated pace.  It is time for the Democratic Party to fully embrace bold solutions and pathways forward that are commensurate with the climate crisis we face. We are simply and unfortunately at a point where the instincts of political moderation are inconsistent with atmospheric chemistry. Recognizing the climate crisis and offering less than what is necessary is a soft form of climate denialism.

Read his full testimony here.