Senate Passes Corporate and Billionaire Giveaway

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Senate has voted to pass a tax bill that, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, will disproportionately benefit corporations and the wealthy and will add $1 trillion to the U.S. deficit over the next ten years.

Ben Schreiber, Friends of the Earth Action’s Senior Political Strategist, issued the following statement in response:

Today Republicans in the Senate robbed working Americans in order to give a massive handout to the multi-national corporations that are bankrolling their political campaigns. We know something is rotten when the Senate votes to eliminate health care from millions of Americans but won’t even consider ending billions in subsidies to Big Oil. Today’s vote was the epitome of pay-to-play politics and made it clear that the Republican party is only working for corporations.

The Senate tax scam will hurt the environment three times over. The bill will fatten the wallets of Big Oil and other fossil fuel interests, allowing them to buy even more political influence. It will deprive the government of the revenue needed to ensure that corporations follow the law. The bill uses dwindling revenue as an excuse to open up the arctic refuge and other areas to drilling, destroying some of our last truly wild lands.

Today’s vote was an attack on working Americans. Now working American’s need to fight back by holding everyone who voted for this bill responsible at the ballot box.

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