Digital billboard calling out Biden to circle debate location in Atlanta

Mobile billboard and digital ads from Friends of the Earth Action will call out Biden for his ties to Big Oil and Big Ag

WASHINGTON – As Joe Biden takes the stage in Atlanta for another Democratic debate, Friends of the Earth Action will call Biden out for his cozy relationship with big polluters. The organization commissioned a mobile billboard carrying Biden’s picture and the message “Big Money, Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Problems” to circle the debate venue on Wednesday. The mobile billboard will accompany a series of digital ads on social media platforms. 

Biden continues to use loopholes to accept donations, including accepting thousands of dollars in donations directly from fossil fuel companies and their Executives in the days before he signed the pledge. In addition, analysis from Open Secrets reveals that Biden has already accepted more than $153,000 from agribusiness companies.

“Joe Biden needs to reject big polluters’ money and influence over his campaign,” said Erich Pica, President of Friends of the Earth Action. “With donations from Big Oil and Big Ag it’s no surprise that Biden has been reluctant to embrace the bold solutions we need. We need candidates who will fight against corporate polluters and eliminate their outsized power in our political system”

WHAT: “Big Money, Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Problems” mobile billboard

WHERE: Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA, site of the Democratic debate

WHEN: Wednesday, November 20; approx. 5-10 PM eastern

Contact: Erin Jensen, (202) 222-0722,