If Democrats want to win in 2020, Speaker Pelosi and others must embrace Green New Deal, Medicare for All

WASHINGTON – Last Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made comments about the Green New Deal and Medicare for All on Bloomberg.

In response to the Speaker’s comments, Erich Pica, President of Friends of the Earth Action, issued the following statement:

Voters are tired of centrist Democrats siding with corporate interests instead of people and the planet. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are building support and raising money precisely because they’ve embraced the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and other innovative solutions. These candidates understand that we need ambitious ideas if we are going to actually solve the climate crisis and keep our communities healthy.

It is time for Nancy Pelosi and other centrist Democrats like Joe Biden to embrace the grassroots momentum behind forward-thinking policies like a Green New Deal and Medicare for All. We’ve seen what happens when corporate Democrats win the nomination. If the Democratic Party wants to win in 2020, it must embrace real solutions.

Contact: Erin Jensen, (202) 222-0722, ejensen@foe.org