Co-founded in 1994 by Friends of the Earth, the Green Scissors coalition has worked for nearly 20 years to advocate for the removal of environmentally harmful projects from federal legislation. Through yearly reports, Green Scissors and its coalition members push for fiscally responsible investments in energy, agriculture, transportation, land use and water. With Green Scissors, Friends of the Earth Action proves that fighting for the environment can make fiscal sense, too, and save taxpayers money.

Eliminating the subsidies and programs identified in the Green Scissors reports will allow the federal government to protect our natural resources, reduce growth in government spending and make a significant dent in the budget deficit and national debt. With the country facing a multi-trillion dollar debt, many political pundits and members of Congress are calling for radical cuts in the social safety net — while ignoring the huge tax giveaways to polluting industries.

The president and Congress must get tough with the special interest groups that jeopardize our natural resources and waste our valuable tax dollars. It will require tackling some of the richest and most powerful corporations in the country. Yet this is what is needed if we are going to protect the environment, regain fiscal and environmental responsibility and get our spending back on track.

The good news is there are plenty of giveaways we can end that will benefit both the environment and our country’s bottom line. The Green Scissors Campaign has identified hundreds of billions of dollars worth of wasteful programs and policies that cost us upfront, create financial liabilities down the road, and threaten our nation’s fragile land, air and water.

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