Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum is a progressive through and through. He is calling for higher corporate taxes, greater gun control, Medicare for All and more. Additionally, he opposes offshore drilling and fracking and is pushing for Florida to become a leader in renewable energy.

Gillum would be the first black governor in Florida, and the first Democratic governor in two decades. And between toxic red tide, toxic algae blooms, and increasingly frequent and devastating storms, the environment is definitely on the ballot this year in Florida. This is our chance to help elect a true progressive in Florida.

To find your polling place:

Go to:

Early voting:

Early voting is open October 27 – November 3, 2018. Contact your local election office at for more info.

Voter ID

To vote in Florida you need to bring a photo ID like a drivers license or passport. A full list of IDs that are allowed can be found at

Vote by mail

Florida’s Vote by mail period closed on October 9. But you can still vote on election day or vote early!

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